Russian scientists have discovered particles of extraterrestrial origin in the ancient ice of Antarctica.

Russian scientists working at the Vostok station in Antarctica, geomorphologist Alexander Makarov, director of the Arctic and Antarctic Research Institute (AARI), said they discovered particles of extraterrestrial origin, called micrometeorites, in ancient Antarctic ice. writes about him “Russian newspaper”.

According to the researcher, the analysis of the mineral composition of the ice allows you to find layers of volcanic ash, as well as particles of extraterrestrial origin.

Makarov also said that scientists are measuring the gas concentration in ancient ice. For example, the current concentration of carbon dioxide and methane was found to be much higher than the maximum values ​​​​in the last hundreds of thousands of years – human activity has led to such a change in the atmosphere.

“Today we have extensively studied the 440,000-year-old ice samples. In the near future, evaluation of recently rising ice, whose age is approaching 600,000 years, will begin,” he said.

It was previously reported that AARI is modernizing a complex of ice test ponds designed to test ship models and engineering structures for operation in polar latitudes.

Source: Gazeta


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