Portugal demands institutional and budgetary reform of the EU as a precondition for Ukraine’s integration

Portuguese Prime Minister, Antonio CostaHe is cautious about the possible integration of Ukraine and other countries. Balkans Westerners in the European Union. According to him, the unification of these countries will mean the focus of attention in Europe.”moving away from the Atlantic and it’s moving towards the center of the continent”, which is “strengthen alliances“among most western countries, likewise South in the years 2008 economic crisis. “We have to be aware of what’s going on. [la entrada de Ucrania en la UE] means”, said in an action organized by the prime minister Toja Forum In Lisbon, this Wednesday.

One of the biggest fears is in the budget. Common Agricultural Policy (CAP)should be expanded to almost double the current game with Ukraine entering the community club according to current criteria. This will force increase the contribution According to Costa, what do “thrifty” countries do or reduce funds Among the states that benefit the most from this policy, including Spain. “Part of this budget will go to one of the largest agricultural producers, with an area larger than France and Germany combined,” the Prime Minister said, referring to the Slavic country.

On the other hand, the entry of Ukraine and other Balkan countries will mean a change in the regions preferred by the USA. compliance policiesaims to reduce social and economic inequalities between regions within the EU. “Portugal become statistically richthis does not amount to a single penny of growth in our Gross Domestic Product”. The loss of the country’s interests and influence within the community framework is one of the main concerns of the Portuguese Ruler, warning of the importance of tackling this issue in the serious debate: “The greatest future tragedy for Europe, disappointment of expectations. This would be a great betrayal for Ukraine.”

institutional reform

The Portuguese Government’s position is clear: before accepting the unification of the new Member States, institutional reforms in the EU. Among these reforms revision of the number of commissioners, currently stands at 27, one for each country. “It is already difficult to have a European Commission with 27 commissioners. big imagination by the Chairman of the Commission. I don’t think anyone will have the imagination to create 36 portfolios.” give up your representation in the executive branch.

Besides meeting the necessary criteria for EU integration, the Portuguese Administrator, EU integration capability to these countries, “This is like our home. In order to host guests, we need to have the conditions to host them. We cannot give up this discussion.” Costa acknowledges that Ukraine’s prospects for joining the EU are the same as those of Spain and Portugal in 1986. approximate economic development and socially to those of Europe’s wealthiest countries. “Ukraine has the right to have this expectation, but for this it has to meet the EU’s conditions to do so.”

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