Zelensky monopolizes extraordinary summit of EU leaders

As the trip was leaked earlier in the week, the logistics of the visit took place this Thursday. Volodymyr Zelensky Brussels was besieged with the utmost secrecy for security reasons. After the first surprise, stop in London to meet the British Prime Minister this Wednesday. Rishi AltarIntervene in front of the British parliament and King III. Emmanuel Macron and the prime minister of germany Olaf SchölzThe Ukrainian president’s fourth trip abroad since Russia launched the invasion on February 24 is expected to be to the community capital to intervene briefly before the extraordinary plenary meeting this Thursday. European Parliament and join Extraordinary summit of European leaders after that.

“The symbolic value is indisputable given the commitment in all areas of the European Union and its Member States,” diplomatic sources said. stop London and Paris before landing in Brussels. “An important country that helps Ukraine. I guess the same sources also valued Zelenski because “it seems normal to me to go to England”. European leaders will benefit from the meeting with the President of Ukraine, who electronically intervened in six meetings of European leaders and where the EU held a bilateral summit in Kiev last Friday, be it a first or a second course. Russia and its support, confirmed by the volume of aid deployed so far: 67,000 million euros.

“There are two main points in the Council of Europe. First of all, the meeting with President Zelensky, who will personally attend the Council of Europe, has been confirmed, which will allow us to discuss together not only the support process for Ukraine to continue to counter Russian aggression, but also the European prospects of Ukraine.” prime minister, Antonio Costa. The Ukrainian leader is expected to reiterate his call for Western countries to continue sending weapons, including planes, to his country to repel a possible Russian attack this spring, as he did in London on Wednesday.

European sources also stated that the meeting frozen russian assetsTwenty-seven countries commit to step up work at the G7 level to accelerate the immobilization of these assets. “We need a map of the bank assets and we need an assessment of the obstacles. The ultimate goal is to ensure that Russian assets are used in the reconstruction of Ukraine and we expect progress”, the same sources, who estimated the volume of frozen assets at 300,000 million euros.

American doping

In addition to the situation in Ukraine, Twenty-Seven contains two other important debates that divide Twenty-Seven: first, business plan Restarting European competitiveness a few weeks ago by Brussels and with the protection of third countries like the United States or China, and secondly, asylum and immigration policy. The Twenty-Sevens will take the opportunity to ask Brussels to determine its plan to deal with doping aid from other countries, such as the United States and China. EU countries agree that state aid policy should be simpler and faster so that investments can be accelerated and aid more flexible.

“We maintain an intermediate position. We believe that (state aid) needs to be made more flexible, notification thresholds raised, but limited to time and sectors. Efforts need to be made on green issues in the coming years, and this requires flexibility. However, this should be limited over time to specific sectors, the detailed green sectors”, explain Spanish government sources, predicting that the European response will not be delayed but accelerated. Spanish government sources said, “As there is a perception that Europe is reacting too quickly, we hope that by the summer there will be legislative texts that will allow many companies making investment decisions to stop staying in Europe.” defend the president Pedro Sanchez during the peak. There is further disparity in funding sources and the eventual sovereign wealth fund created by President Ursula von der Leyen, but the summit will limit itself to noting Brussels’ intention to present a proposal before summer.

Returns and border control

The same obscurities are brought up in the again very divisive debate on immigration, but this time the focus will be on the element with the most consensus among the twenty-seven, namely the management of the external dimension. The 27s are based on the basis that this is a European problem that requires European response and agree that the return of illegal immigrants should be accelerated and border control with other countries should be strengthened, based on cooperation with third countries. Full support of Frontex agency.

At the request of some delegations, the draft results require the mobilization of European funds to support Member States in strengthening their control capacities and infrastructures, surveillance tools and equipment. A compromise that some delegations have supported to finance the construction of the fences with European funds. The Community Manager has so far refused to finance border walls with European funds, but many countries, especially Austria, are pressing to strengthen border control in this way.

At the Council of Europe, Spain will defend the values ​​of reaching an agreement with third countries and the benefits of cooperation and prevention. “As Spain, we are in favor of positive rather than negative incentives in relations with third countries. Negative incentives turn against us. Putting conditionality or restrictions on the visa issue (for example) as a punishment to further contain irregular migration and enable more returns, in our experience we do not believe this will help,” government sources say

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