CEV continues to gain ground and partners Uepal castle in Elche

The Valencia Community Business Confederation (CEV) continues to gain strength over the Alicante State Business Association (Uepal). The latest leap forward has been made by Elche and the Association of Regional Service Companies (Aesec), which is none other than Uepal’s flagship in the city of Elche.decided to join employers with the argument of gaining visibility and promoting unity. Of course, he will continue to be part of the provincial organization, currently chaired by César Quintanilla and retaining one of its vice presidents. However, there are ten associations that belong to Uepal and are gradually joining the CEV..

Aesec is one of the associations that has shown greater commitment to Uepal since its inception.. It is not surprising that José Rizo, former head of the Elche collaboration and current vice president, also retains the vice-presidential position of the provincial organization, which he recently refurbished with the proclamation of César Quintanilla as president. Integration into the CEV has therefore received a lot of attention, especially because of the strained relations between the employers’ association and Uepal’s recent work, which coincided with the mandate of Juan José Sellés, the head of the second formation.

While the announcement has now been made public, the contacts date back to the end of last year. This was expressed by Esther Guilabert, the general secretary of the CEV, who stated that “it is those in charge of Aesec who invited our president, Salvador Navarro, to a breakfast to learn about how we work and the services we provide.” The meeting ended satisfactorily because Establishment approved by the last board of the autonomous employers association. For CEV, the step taken by AESEC is positive, “because – underscores Guilabert – our intention is to integrate as many sectoral and regional associations as possible”.


In the words of CEV, Aesec president Antonio Andreu said, «It is an organization owned by the CEOE and therefore has the greatest influence in decision-making and business representation.».

Andreu also stated that the AESEC assembly “because We believe in the unity of the Valencia Community business community to protect the interests of all.». In this sense, say that the services sector represents more than 70% of the jobs available in the autonomous region, so give our partners a voice by actively participating in the different working groups working at CEV, as well as providing greater visibility into our interests and needs”.

The Elche entity, however, states that it will continue to be owned by Uepal., given that José Rizo is recurring as vice president and Andreu himself is part of the board of directors. “We don’t need to blame this organization for anything, and we also think we’re interested in continuing with it because it has a more demanding tone. Of course, belonging to CEV and Uepal at the same time is not incompatible,” he claims.

what yes finds it necessary to reorient existing relationships between two entitiesThe situation worsened after Juan José Sellés issued a series of non-consensual statements from the vice-president of CEV Alicante last September, and the consequent dismissal of Joaquín Pérez, head of the state’s employers’ association. I lost my trust in him. He points out that for Antonio Andreu “an agreement must be reached that will allow peace to be signed” and adds that the figure of César Quintanilla, the new president of Uepal, can contribute decisively to this goal.

In fact, Quintanilla himself called for business association in his keynote address, which was interpreted as a statement of intent to improve relations with the CEV. The new leader, yes, also made it clear: confluence must be derived from pluralityHe defended Uepal’s right to continue to demand the best for the province of Alicante.

Events pending, it is already a fact that there are ten collaborations with Aesec that have jumped from Uepal to CEV. Prior to the organization from Elche, Alicante State Federation of Young Entrepreneurs Associations (Jovempa), Alicante Public Works Federation (FOPA), Alicante State Real Estate Developers Association (Provia) ran it. , Alcoià-Comtat Business Federation (Fedac), Foia de Castalla Business Association (Ibiae), Agricultural Young Farmers Association (Asaja) and Alicante Provincial Transport Federation (Fetrama), all currently in Uepal. Those who are no longer involved in this organization are the Provincial Accommodation Operators Association (Apeha) and the Footwear Subcontractors Association (AEC).

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