Novosibirsk City Hall: residents of a partially collapsed house will temporarily stay in a hotel 07:19

The mayor of Novosibirsk announced that the tenants of the five-story residential building, where the gas explosion occurred, will temporarily take shelter in the Severnaya Hotel. He reported it himself telegraph channel.

“It was decided to shelter residents of the affected building at the Severnaya Hotel on Dzerzhinsky Boulevard,” the report said.

On the morning of February 9, a natural gas explosion occurred in a house on Lineinaya Street. Two entrances collapsed and the fire started. At this time, open burning is already liquidated.

As a result of the emergency, approximately 30 flats were damaged.

It is known that one person died and seven were injured. Also lifeguard took it out The woman, who came out from under the rubble, was taken to the hospital.

In addition, Viktor Orlov, Head of the Main Directorate of the Ministry of Emergencies of the Novosibirsk Region, reported that a person who was considered to have died as a result of a gas explosion in a house died. rescued.

According to preliminary data, the state of emergency dead due to gas leak

Source: Gazeta


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