Navantia is confident that it will deliver the S-81 submarine in 2023, with “solid steps”

Navantia this Wednesday, the program of the new submarine S-81 Isaac Peral built at the company’s facilities in Cartagena (Murcia), “forging ahead”, therefore confident that it will be delivered “this year”after passing the immersion tests scheduled for this April.

This was announced by Navantia’s Director of Naval Construction, Agustín Álvarez, at the 5th National Maritime Congress of the Spanish Maritime Cluster and the Royal Spanish Naval Corps, which also included Chief of Naval Staff Admiral Antonio Martorell. It should not be ruled out that there are “rods” at this stage.

Martorell said, “I wouldn’t be surprised if it did. Let’s see what’s left.” This “leap” to strategic autonomy, which needs to be done “safely”, is very costly because “the program is too risky”.

According to him, the S-80 series submarines being designed at the Navantia facilities in Cartagena, “These are the riskiest bets of the Spanish military shipping industry so far.”

With him, Spain will enter the “elite club of nine countries around the world with the ability to be a design authority”.and to design, build, maintain and operate their own submarines,” said Martorell.

Regarding the delays in the schedule – last year, delivery of the S-81 was said to be this April – Navantia’s Director of Shipbuilding insisted that the program had “a very tough testing period”.

This way, “unexpected problems may arise, which, because it is a prototype, may not arise from the design, but from the equipment included in the submarine.”

Yet the company He has “a very clear plan for this year”, so he is confident that the S-81 will be “delivered this year.”

Wanting to “dispel any doubts” as the initiative “is progressing steadily despite some unexpected challenges,” Álvarez said, “We have no doubt. We have a very clear plan that we share with Defense for the immersion tests that will begin soon.”

Indra’s “lead” role

Indra’s CEO, Ignacio Mataix, was present at the same roundtable andThe “very successful and leading” role of the company in the “new European Defense”.

While Mataix believes that the Government is supporting the National Defense Strategy to strengthen the sector, he believes that the necessary investment capacities should be developed “bit by bit” and consistent planning for the coming years is needed to “build capacity at the base”. person.

In this context, the Chief of the Naval Staff, Admiral, emphasized the role of the Armed Forces, thus “Society absorbs the need to invest in Defense to ensure the security of the State”Something that has “changed” since the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

“The Armed Forces need all the companies involved, because they have to somehow ‘lobby’ to increase this Defense culture in Spain, which has to start at the political level,” Martorell stressed.

Blue economy regrets ‘corporate abandonment’

Earlier at the opening ceremony, Alejandro Aznar, Head of the Spanish Maritime Cluster, described the role of the shipping sector for the country as “important” and therefore urged Administrations to “take measures” to support its growth. sustainable development

Juan Diaz, head of Spain’s Royal Navy Corps, complained of the “abandonment” of public powers to the sea, which “contributes to 7% of the gross domestic product (GDP) and provides 6% of the national business”.

We hope that this sector, which deserves the opportunity to develop on equal terms with other neighboring countries, will begin to listen to the future desires and demands, some of which are historical.”

Source: Informacion


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