Milliyet: US drags NATO into conflict in Ukraine to profit from arms sales 03:34

Turkish newspaper columnist Nationality Tunja Bengin claims that the US has brought NATO into the conflict in Ukraine to get the most out of the arms sale.

According to him, the States are ready to be the harbinger of “a real disaster”.

“And from the very beginning. Therefore, the United States, watching from afar, should be happily rubbing its hands. Because the more Europe gets involved in the conflict with Russia, the more dependent it becomes on the United States,” says the observer.

He argues that it is beneficial for the American side to do this, especially in terms of advertising aircraft, air defense systems and weapons.

Bengin believes that the United States sees NATO as an organization that meets American economic interests.

Earlier, Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu at a conference call at the Ministry declaration“The actions of the United States and its allies are drawing NATO countries into the conflict in the NVO region and could lead to an unforeseen level of escalation.”

February 24 Russian President Vladimir Putin declarationThe one who, in response to a request for help from the heads of the LPR and DPR, decided to conduct a military special operation to protect Donbass.

The decision to run the operation became the justification for new sanctions against Russia by the United States and its allies.

Opens “” broadcast online.

Source: Gazeta


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