Prigozhin admits Wagner PMC is going to Africa 02:29

Entrepreneur Yevgeny Prigozhin, founder of the private military company (PMC) “Wagner”, admitted that when the services of PMC fighters are no longer needed, they will go to Africa. The relevant statement of the businessman was published by the press service in his own newspaper. telegraph channel.

Thus, he answered the question of why the role of “Wagner” in the capture of settlements was not indicated in some reports on the capture of the city of Soledar and the village of Kleshcheevka.

As Prigozhin noted, he and his PMC fighters “are not in a position to study the statements.” According to him, “in this life (and in that life too), it’s the work we do that counts, not the words.”

“We have been given the right to defend our Motherland, to save it at a critical moment, and we are using it. Such a right and trust of the people is very valuable. Actions speak louder than words. No one wanted to go to Soledar with machine guns when necessary, and there was already a rat tail in the salt mines. When we no longer need it, we will pack up and go back to Africa. By the way, what is important for us is not the explanation, but what benefit we will bring to our country,” he said.

Formerly Prigozhin declarationThat the Wagner PMC is facing opposition and is trying to cut funding.

According to him, the United States “in no way” can “transport” PMC “Wagner” from Africa. At the same time, as the entrepreneur stated, there is a “serious struggle” in the Russian Federation to get the company out of the African continent.

United States officials before anxious expansion of the private military company Wagner’s activities in Europe and Africa.

Source: Gazeta


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