Split with the Republicans and China balloon flies over Biden’s State of the Union address

The United States Constitution dictates that only the president of the country must pass a resolution “from time to time” to Congress. Union address and propose legislation. Leaders could not do this every year or would have the option of submitting this analysis in writing if they wanted to. However, the ritual has become a major political event in the United States and is one of the events that most warrants the attention of millions of citizens and Joe Biden he will follow this tuesday at nine o’clock (three in the morning in mainland Spain).

It does this with several goals on the agenda, including filing a lawsuit in support of a cause, albeit tacitly. Presidential re-election campaign in 2024 The eighty-year-old Democrat is expected to make an official announcement in the spring. Within the Democratic Party, especially after the more positive results than expected in the parliamentary elections, the voices questioning the possibility of this candidacy decreased. But doubts remain among citizens, including many Democratic voters, according to the polls.


Biden, who has been grappling with the crisis of an open investigation by the Ministry of Justice for his sporadic handling of classified documents in recent weeks, has prepared a reconsidering message. Achievements of his first two years in office and optimism, even acknowledging the pessimism among citizens who collected multiple polls. According to advisers and White House staff, he made the list willingly. legal achievements such as the approval of the infrastructure law with the support of both parties, semiconductor industry Passing the so-called Inflation Reduction Act (supported only by Democrats) in the US or for the green transition, which encourages measures to curb investment (which is viewed with suspicion in Europe for its protectionism), fiscal changes, and citizen spending. in health.

Also comes supported by good economic data showing inflation brakeHE decline in unemployment to levels not seen in more than 50 years, or to a decline in prices. gasoline. And he must walk the fine line between celebrating them and recognizing the citizen’s feelings that these advances are not reflected in.

According to a recent Pew Center survey only 21% Proportion of Americans believe it economic conditions are favorableAnother from ABC and ‘The Washington Post’ says only 34% of citizens see progress in the labor market and in another, 62% think the president hasn’t accomplished much. And Biden in general, Higher rejection rate than approval: 43% vs 52% Based on FiveThirtyEight.com survey total.

unity and division

As expected, Biden will also include the following statements in his speech: traditional call for unity. But those words will come before a joint session of Congress, when Republicans regain control of the Lower House, power is divided and conservatives’ radicalization threatens turbulent times, especially and recently due to complex negotiation. raise the debt ceiling.

It will be difficult for them to win applause among Republicans, for example. offers Biden’s speech expected increase taxes for the richest (Biden had already introduced this in his speech last year, but failed to do so even with the two Democratic-ruling Houses) or quadrupling the consideration for a share buyback. He is not expected to receive the support of the opposition while speaking. increase social benefits for those who need it most. And when it shows itself Frontal opposition to any cuts in Social Security or MedicareThe public health system for the elderly will have an air of warning of the threat in its message. conservatives representing these programs. an obsessive obsession with cutting public spending.

Ukraine, China and other issues

Even foreign policy Biden comes at a more complicated time than last year. Then Congress united to support Ukraine Before the war that Russia had just started, but now republican ranks A current is flowing in Kiev calling for containment aid. And the gap between Biden and Republicans has been widened by the recent incident of the Chinese spy bubble over US soil. The president maintained a hard-line policy with China.

The complex relationship with Beijing has earned a guaranteed spot in Biden’s speech with this latest case, but the president’s list of invited guests provides a glimpse into other topics he will address. Along with the Ukrainian ambassador, who was invited for the second time in a row, and Bono, who was invited to fight AIDS, will be among others the parents of Tire Nichols, a young black man who was brutally murdered by the Memphis police. So will Paul Pelosi, the husband of former Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, who was attacked with a hammer in an act of political violence.

There will be survivors cancer And Holocaust and you will see the man who stopped the author of one of the last books. massacres with firearms in California. Biden also invited a woman who was supposed to terminate her pregnancy but faced the restrictive Texas law that was enforced after the Supreme Court lifted the constitutional protection of abortion. He also sent invitations to the father of a person who had taken a fentanyl overdose and to anyone who would give him a chance to talk about fentanyl. immigrationstudent debt forgiveness, support veteransHE same-sex marriage wave working class.

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