Goya premiere will have a protocol against harassment

This prediction has already been put forward by CIMA board member Virginia Yagüe, who explained to Europa Press that the Film Academy, along with her own association, will discuss this possibility at a future meeting because “it is important that it is not endorsed by these institutions.

On January 29, it became known that producer Javier Pérez Santana was arrested for allegedly sexually abusing actress Jedet at the party following the Feroz 2023 awards premiere, and a second man is being investigated for his possible involvement.

They weren’t the only public complaints about the attacks at this event. So, laterseveral of the invited attendees reported being “harassed” by Javier Pérez Santana.He was released hours after his arrest.

For example, ‘Cut!’ “She was like that with me twice during the night. And she was asking what she should do to sleep with me in the meantime,” she denounced.

These situations were “disturbing” for Ferrer, who also reminded him that. He was also “harassed” by Santana at the same gala last year, and the actress praised Jedet for denouncing those episodes.

Similarly, television critic and writer Bob Pop reported that the producer also suffered at the party. “When I saw the photograph of the accused, I remembered that he had harassed me three times for coming to my mouth to eat, so I tried to stay away from him as much as I could,” he admitted.

In that sense, he lamented the “normality” that exists in these situations because the first thing he thought of was that he had “a quota of drunken slugs at parties,” so he decided to put up with it. However, he revealed that he understood how “uneducated” society was when he learned of Jedet’s complaint.

“We assume this is normal, but the progress is that we shouldn’t assume it. I didn’t think to call someone to leave me alone because I never thought it could be reported,” he said.

Source: Informacion


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