Iran presented a universal missile that participates in the attack on US troops 19:30

Iran introduced the Saqr missile, which can hit both air and ground targets in idle ammunition mode. It has been reported Jerusalem Post.

“It was used by the Iranian-backed Houthis in Yemen to defeat US troops in Iraq and also in Syria. This links Iran to all these attacks, but does not hold Iran responsible for them.

It was noted that the missile behaved like a cruise missile and “circulating” ammunition, able to detect targets using optical and thermal systems.

It also “patrols” the sky looking for a target to be destroyed, according to the report, and is equipped with explosives and proximity fuses that activate when the target gets close enough to detonate a 10-pound warhead.

Previously reportedFrench special forces reportedly seized a ship loaded with weapons and ammunition that Iran allegedly supplied to the Houthis in Yemen.

On board, the French found more than 3,000 assault rifles, half a million shells and 20 anti-tank guided missiles.

The operation, carried out in coordination with the US military, is a result of France’s more active role in combating arms smuggling in the Middle East.

Source: Gazeta


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