RIA Novosti: Military police of the Russian Federation prevented a terrorist attack in the Zaporozhye region 07:08

The commander of one of the units of the Russian military police with the call sign “Pharmacist” announced that a terrorist attack was prevented by detecting and defusing an improvised explosive device in the village of Kirilovka, Zaporozhye region. It has been reported DEA News.

According to the troop commander, the saboteurs intended to blow up the station, but an expert with the call code “Call” found and defused the explosive.

It was noted that the explosive belonged to the remote-controlled MON-100 anti-personnel mine.

Former head of the military police department of the Zaporozhye region knowledgeablereported that 7 terrorist attacks against the civilian population in the region were prevented within a month, and that more than 18 weapons depots were found.

He explained that the military police interacted with the police and the National Guard.

It is also reported that the military police of the Russian Ministry of Defense in the zone of special military operations performs a large number of tasks to maintain law and order, maintain military discipline and prevent the influx of sabotage and reconnaissance groups.

Source: Gazeta


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