It already costs 15 euros more to fill the tank in Alicante than at the end of the year

This drivers give back take into account before refueling. This Removal of 20 cents discount It coincided with a new rise in fuel prices—especially gasoline—by the government, which meant it had to go through a gas station in less than a month. it has become about 20% more expensive in practice. Or the same thing is filling up a tourism tank. oilThe cost now, which is usually 55 liters 13.5 € more A figure higher than 31 December, 15 euro in case of petrol 95.

It is a situation that does not go unnoticed by consumer associations who believe in this. the measure was lifted too soon and above all, those houses They lost with the change in that discount due to the VAT decrease As the Avacu chairman emphasized, some foods that represent a much lower saving, Fernando Moner, only two or three euros per purchase.

in case of gasoline 95The official price marked on the petrol station poles is from 1,591 euros per liter 1.666 Euros Last Sunday, according to data collected by the Ministry of Ecological Transition. An increase of 7.5 cents to add to the 20 cents that are no longer discounted, which practically amounts to a 19.7% increase over the end of the year. It is also an 8% higher price than paid on the same dates in 2022, although this is far from the 1,822 marked after the start of the war in Ukraine, or the maximum reached 2,114 euros. summer.

Service stations with the cheapest price this Tuesday. Gas stations geo portal

on his behalf, he diesel A normal It became more expensive in the mail than 1.661 1,702 euros, represents an increase of 16.4% with the disappearance of the discount. A very similar increase to that recorded on an annual basis, since it should be noted that this fuel was most affected by the interruption of supply from Russia, which caused it to overtake gasoline compared to what it has always been. – and indeed, analysts predict its price will rise further with additional sanctions against the Putin regime that came into effect in February.

Service stations with the cheapest diesel A this Tuesday. Gas stations geo portal

Despite the increase, service stations did not have a good month either. While many drivers, evaluating the last days of the discount, filled their warehouses, there was a decrease in sales in the first weeks of the year. Situation as the days go by normalizeAlthough there are volumes offered Staying below pre-pandemic levelsAccording to the Chairman of the Provincial Service Stations Association, Emilio Corcoles, which points to deeper causes. “Customs has changed. Young people drive less, and with inflation, many people use public transport more or share their cars to save money,” says Córcoles.

On behalf of Fernando Moner, president of Avacu, the government hastened He believes it decides to end the overall cut – although it continues for transport, agriculture and fisheries – and should wait for the CPI to stabilize at around 3% or 4%. “The person who has to get into the car to go to work, so a lot of people noticed it in their pocket. It was tried to be sold in food because it would be compensated by the reduction of VAT, but the effect of this decrease is much less,” insists the consumer representative. For now, the decision has caused the CPI to correct the downward path in recent months and to rise by one tenth in January.

A more cumbersome system for professionals

Only shippers, farmers and fishermen protect the 20 cents discount applied since January 1, but the way it is applied has changed. Therefore, compared to the direct discount obtained at the time of refueling, professionals must now request a refund from the Tax Office. “We positively value its maintenance, but the reality is that the system is cumbersome and we had to appoint a special person to answer all the employees’ doubts,” explains Francisco Ortiz, general secretary of the Alicante employers’ association Fetrama. . To begin with, 20 cents will be discounted only for vehicles with a maximum allowable weight of 7,500 pounds or more, while those under this category will only receive a flat amount in the coming months. In addition, to get it, you need to register with the professional diesel deduction application that the Tax Office has; this is something many carriers haven’t done yet. Likewise, this discount is only valid for companies engaged in freight transport and cannot be applied to fleets with their own transport.

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