Scientists have discovered that caterpillars can eat African corn without chemicals 19:13

Almost all of the maize growing areas in Africa are under threat from the fall caterpillar. article about it published Frontiers in Insect Science.

The fall armyworm is a common pest of agricultural crops, especially maize. The caterpillars of these insects, which resemble butterflies in their adult state, usually feed on the cob and cause significant damage to agriculture.

The researchers analyzed 3,175 Fall Army worm occurrences worldwide and combined this data with information about the insect’s physiological needs. Based on this, scientists calculated the areas of activity of this insect.

They found that almost 92% of African cornfields support fall caterpillar reproduction year-round. In addition, more than half (52.5%) of the African maize area considered suitable for autumn caterpillars is at additional risk from nine additional pests, while over a third (38.1%) of the area is affected by another 10 pests. pests. This is because corn and its pests have the same climate preferences.

That’s why farmers have to make regular trips to markets to buy the pesticides needed for each pest outbreak. This is particularly difficult given the poverty and instability that characterizes much of Africa. Alternatively, scientists suggest turning to genetic modification of plants or integrated pest management. In integrated control, experts manipulate pest habitats, change cropping methods, or attempt to introduce natural enemies of cutworms, such as insectivorous birds, or infect fields with caterpillars.

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