Five hooded men damaged a sculpture by the Subirachs at the Italian consulate in Barcelona.

Five hooded men demolished the main entrance of the building on Aribau Street in Barcelona at around 10 PM this Friday. It is the office block where the Italian Consulate General in Barcelona is located. The attackers broke the building’s glass door, threw cans of red paint, and painted a mural by sculptor Josep Maria Subirachs with the words “Estat italià assassin” and “Llibertat Cóspito”.

This Mossos d’Esquadra They launched an investigation to find the hooded men and agents. National Police They came this Saturday morning to ask what happened.

The attack was recorded by a security camera located at the same entrance. According to local sources, this is not the first protest against the building as it houses the Italian consulate. Demonstrations of support for anarchist Alfredo Cóspito, who “has been on hunger strike for two months”, have been held in recent weeks to protest the “Italian prison system” that has kept him in prison for ten years, according to a statement. Support from the General Confederation of Labor (CGT).

The incident coincided with another incident in Berlin. In Germany, the vehicle of an official from the Italian embassy was set on fire. Two cases caused the reaction of the Italian Prime Minister, Giorgia Melonyfollowing “with concern and care”.

Arson of the car of the head of the Italian embassy in Berlin, Luigi Estero“participates Violation of our Consulate General in Barcelona with acts of vandalism“, Meloni stated in a note issued by the Italian Government.

Five hooded men damaged a sculpture by the Subirachs at the Italian consulate in Barcelona. EPC

Italian vice president and foreign minister Antonio TajaniHe gave more details about the attack in Barcelona, ​​in a statement that he wanted “bright light” on “the dynamics of these actions”.

“Yesterday afternoon, unidentified persons broke the window of the building where the Consulate General is located in Barcelona and broke a wall at the entrance of the building,” Tajani said.

While the Catalan regional police received no word on the incident this Saturday morning, Italian diplomatic sources consulted are describing the incident as an “act of vandalism” without providing further details for the time being.

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