State hits record with 832,000 employees after recovering from employment decline

counter flow. This is how the province swam to reach 832,300 working people in the last quarter of 2022, which represents an absolute record. And it did so by going in the opposite direction because in these last months the country as a whole has lost jobs while maintaining its pace of job creation. Alicante, in this way, managed to close the year with an increase of 75,000 employees compared to the previous year.Agriculture was the only sector to worsen its figures due to the poor harvest recorded. The downside to this last stretch was the unemployment rate, which increased by 1.6 decimal due to the increase in the active population.

In a context where job creation at the national level is starting to show signs of exhaustion, the province of Alicante continues to be built in a positive dynamic. This is evidenced by the Active Population Survey (EPA) corresponding to the fourth quarter of 2022; From this it can be concluded that while the country as a whole lost 81,900 employees during that time period, the province gained 19,500 jobs. It served to close the most employed year in history..

In this context, all sectors except agriculture improved their figures for 2021. LThe activity with the highest increase during the year was services., above all thanks to the good performance of tourism and its reflection on hotels and catering services, employing 37,900 people, leaving the total figure at 618,900. This was followed by 27,600 new jobs and 131,100 globally, thanks to a gradual recovery that could not be more intense due to higher energy costs. The chapter on increases in construction closes, adding 14,100 new jobs to 68,100 due to intense activity in home sales. In agriculture, the number of workers decreased by 4,500.Until 14,200 remain, this is something that should be attributed to bad harvests caused by different meteorological events.

Unemployment, on the other hand, increased by 21,200 in the last quarter, leaving the total figure at 149,300, raising the rate to 15.21%, above both the state and regional averages. Explanation must be sought in the active population growth from 940,800 to 981,700. Highest percentage of job seekers coinciding with the Christmas campaign.

Regarding the Valencian Community, the number of people employed also increased by 27,300 this quarter, reaching a total of 2,218,600 people. That’s 102,700 more than in 2021. However, unemployment also rose by 5,300 to 347,200.

José María Ruiz, Minister of Employment of l’Alacantí-Les Marines, CC OO, It directly relates the increase in employment in the province of Alicante to the positive impact of labor reform.. In his words, it “meaning an increase in hiring stability and a decrease in turnover”.

Yaissel Sánchez, the UGT’s general secretary for the same regions, similarly describes the labor reform as a “success” in terms of the results achieved in “such a complex year”. In this sense, wage increases corresponding to the increase in inflation from sectoral employers, prevention of loss of purchasing power of workers“.

Regarding the Valencia Community Business Confederation (CEV), its secretary general, Esther Guilabert, appreciates the increase in employment, although she warns of a volatile and uncertain economic context. In this sense, he insistsurgent need to support branches and companies that have come under the most pressure over time due to high energy costs and the remaining entries.

Finally, Enric Nomdedéu, Regional Employment Secretary, said: Valencian Community led job creation in 2022despite the impact of inflation and the uncertainty of the international economic context”.

Source: Informacion


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