Worst campaign in 15 years raises olive oil price

This fee olive oil will stay high As a result, in the coming months cost hike and production interruption. This Federation of Agricultural Cooperatives of Catalonia (FCAC) warning olive campaign 2022-2023 may drop to 16,000 tons and Worst in the last 15 years. The decrease in production causes prices to rise at the point of origin and olive oil sales. Asaja agricultural organization calculates that price of origin increased by more than 20% in 2022, up to an average of 3.48 euros per liter. In the supermarket, this increase was reflected by minimizing the VAT reduction, which was decided to control inflation.

A 35 percent drop in production is expected in EuropeThis fact, which will be 1.470.000 tons, means a decrease of approximately 800.000 tons in oil availability in the international market.

Agriculture and livestock crisis

This Catalan agricultural sector Almost inversely proportional to the increase in inflation, there is a decrease in income. President of Asaja in Catalonia, pink plumdescribes the balance of 2022 as a “shaky” year amid droughts, frosts and heatwaves, war in Ukraine and price increases. Pruna assures that the reality is much worse, although the Ministry of Agriculture pointed to a 5.5% drop in agricultural income last year. He calculates that the incomes of farmers and ranchers fell by an average of 7%.

According to Asaja, electricity became more expensive by 78.81%, sulfates by 106.18% and diesel oil by 89.47%. Animal feed increased by 44.31%. The selling price has also been increased. According to the same source, milk became more expensive by 33.33%, beef by 28.77%, eggs by more than 65.27% and fat by 22%.

Asaja’s annual balance sheet confirms overall low agricultural productivity, especially fruit, in 2022 due to April frosts. heat waves destroyed expectations in cereals, vineyards and olive trees, also with low productions. “High production prices have not been able to compensate for the price increases we have made in both the agriculture and livestock sectors. Although prices have risen, what has been paid to maintain production has not been compensated,” explains Pruna. .

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