How to make homemade compost in 7 simple steps

Organic fertilizer. Organic fertilizer. organic fertilizer. These are terms that you probably will soon hear, if you haven’t heard them yet. More and more people make your own compost at home for all the benefits derived from it. Before you think that this is something very complex that you cannot do at home or apply in your daily life, with the help of the Bricodepot portal we will tell you what it consists of and what are its main benefits. You will find that it is much easier than you think!

What is compost?

This organic fertilizer It is a method of recycling organic matter in which the residues of daily consumption garbage are converted into organic matter. fertilizer with a lot of benefits and nutrients For use in horticulture and agriculture. Contrary to popular belief, this controlled decomposition process of matter does not mean rot or bad odor in the house.

about to obtain make compost at homemix for a few weeks organic waste from our daily consumption such as ground coffee, eggshells and nuts, vegetable, fruit and vegetable scraps and dry matter such as newspaper scraps, earthy leaves and twigs.

Example of a pre-placed compost with waste oxfam

Advantages of composting at home

  • The resulting compost is a highly nutritious fertilizer to grow or care for herbs or vegetables you have at home. Also, an excellent soil regeneratorimproves drainage of the land, reduces water demand and resistance to potential pests.

  • reduction in consumption fertilizers and chemical fertilizers.

  • reduces homemade garbage Since 40% of household waste is organic matter and plastic consumption for garbage bags.

  • reduction urban waste. This minimizes the environmental impact of transporting this waste and treating it at recycling facilities or landfills.

  • Depending on the quantity produced, you can: sell your own compost To people in need and providing economic benefits.

How to make compost at home: step by step

1. Where to place the compote?

for making compost land or space to put the compost. ideal place clean Airinside gardenterrace or balcony and scanned area where the compost is not exposed to direct sun to retain moisture.

2. Choose your compost machine

There are many compost models Depending material, shape and size Whatever they have, its function is to isolate organic matter from direct sunlight, low temperatures, wind or rain. Choose the one that best suits your needs and space.

3. Start the first layer of compost

First layer of compost earthy and on top of that, twigs, dry leaves or straw to allow drainage and help aerate the compost pile.

compost samples agencies

4. Time to add organic waste!

add to composter organic material Whenever possible, waste wet materials and dry materials alternately from your home. Remember not to add any meat, fish, oil or dairy products to avoid pests or bad odours. Finely chop the remains to aid decomposition. If you want your compost to be organic, make sure that all the materials you put in it are free of toxins.

5. Mix the ingredients

When you add a layer of organic residue of about 2-3 cm, cover with a layer of soil of the same thickness. From this moment on, the residual-soil-residue sequence should be the same in all layers. every 3 or 4 days remove compost so that it mixes with the previous layers and becomes airy.

6. Wait!

After adding the waste, close the lid and let the nutrients begin to melt. Generally, compost can take four to six months to reach maturity. During this time, keep stirring the mixture every 3-4 days.

7. Time to collect the compost

You will know that the compost is ready. dark brown or black, resembling crumbly soil or compost and smells like damp forest.

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