Research: global military drone market to reach almost $19 billion by 2026 02:43

According to a study published on its website by analytics company Research and Markets, the global market for military drones will grow by 7.3% to reach $18.9 billion by 2026, compared to sales in 2021. work wire.

The study says the military drone market reached $13.3 billion in 2021, with growth of 2.5% compared to 2016.

The researchers point out that the growth of the drone market will be spurred by increased government spending on security and increased domestic and foreign threats.

Factors that could hinder the growth of the military drone market in the future include the rise in cyberattacks and tightening regulations for their purchase and operation.

At the same time, the fastest growing segment of the market will be long-range hybrid drones (HALE – high-altitude long endurance). Among regions, the largest growth in drone purchases will be in Western Europe and North America.

The growth of the drone market will be affected by 3D printing technologies, the introduction of the internet of things (IoT), artificial intelligence and the development of autonomy.

Previously reportedUS amateur engineer Ryan Liedemann has created a custom Lademann XLR V3 quadrocopter, recognized by Guinness Book of Records experts as the fastest drone in the world.

By classic quadcopter standards, the Lademann XLR V3 looks extremely unusual. The control unit and sensors of the device are hidden inside a “bullet-shaped” case. Similar aerodynamic nozzles are used for all four engines. The fully equipped helicopter weighs 490 grams.

When the Lademann XLR V3 takes off, it will hover like a normal quadcopter. However, when it’s time to move forward, the device tilts and flies horizontally – like an airplane.

In the presence of the Guinness Book of Records jury, the amateur engineer managed to reach a peak speed of 414 km/h.

Source: Gazeta


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