Two teenagers were arrested in San Vicente for stealing cell phones and using the credit card in the case.

This mobile phones It is the object that many people carry practically everything. So they get a few more things along with the stolen device. That’s what happened to a man from Alicante whose terminal was stolen by two teenagers. Inside cover for your device you will also find yours documents and credit cards thieves did not hesitate to use it.

However, the thieves were unaware that the cell phone was also present. tracking systems, that’s what made them find them.

This San Vicente del Raspeig Local Police On Sunday, January 22, two teenagers were arrested in Alicante, accused of cell phone theft. fraudulent use credit card. The agents, who received a report that a mobile phone was stolen in the capital, were informed that they were involved in the incident. documents and cards.

When the troops realize the facts, Location calling a cell phone, police deployment around Jijona streetThe identity of 2 people allegedly carrying the stolen mobile phone in Alicante has been determined.

Police officers confirmed that they used the victim’s credit card to fraudulently make purchases. Did not exceed 100 euros. Agents arrested both and proceeded with their release. judicial regulation.

Source: Informacion


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