“Domingo me la pela”: new anti-crisis promotion for 100 Montaditos

Are you buying Montaditos at prices 20 years ago? In the midst of rising prices, everything that seems impossible is at our fingertips. new anti-crisis promotion 100 Montaditos. Restalia Group’s star brand welcomes the last period of the year with important innovations. Launch of “Domingo me la pela”.

Offers of the promotion “I rob on Sunday”

Wink at pesetas and high-end ring

Star promotion for Sundays of 100 Montaditos, with its characteristic informal tone owes its name to “shells”as popularly called pesetasand this is a a clear nod to the low prices of that time, compared to now. this way there is Two packs of drinks and sandwiches or appetizers at 500 pesetas (3 euros) or 1,000 pesetas (6 euros).

Also “I rob on Sunday” honors people who live with pesetasespecially our eldersIt gains weight among 100 Montaditos customers. Because Restalia’s flagship has long gone from being the favorite brewery of the youngsters to becoming the go-to place for the whole family.

Promotional image of the “Domingo me las pela” promotion

The franchise therefore foresees a January slope that is expected to be complex and The goal of continuing to democratize loyalty to customers and access to gastronomy with a letter top quality products and national suppliers at unbeatable prices. It’s not the first time he’s done this. Already in 2008In the midst of the economic crisis, he revolutionized the industry with the promotion of 100 Montaditos. European frenzycontaining products of one euro and still valid on wednesdays.

New jugs: Sancho and Quixote

New promotion of 100 Montaditos is also coming news on the menu. Includes franchise two new pint formats: Quijote jug and Sancho jug (larger). Thus, he brings to the table two of the most beloved and universal characters of Spanish literature and reaffirms his commitment to our culture, which is particularly striking with its international strategy.

“Domingo me la pela” encourages consumers to think in terms of pesetas and offers a variety of options by combining new and special frozen jugs or soft drinks with sandwiches and appetizers. In this way, for just 500 pesetas or 3 Euros, the customer can enjoy 1 jug of Quijote or soft drink + 2 sandwiches or 1 appetizer and have the opportunity to order double for 1,000 pesetas (6 Euro). In all options you can enjoy a large pitcher (Sancho) or premium beer for 0.50 Euro more.

Combo “Robbing Sunday”. 3 euros (500 pesetas)

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