Last minute of the war in Ukraine live | Russian army trains in Belarus as bombardment continues

EU is working on more sanctions against Army, banks and Russian exports due to wave of attacks against Ukraine

The European Union is working on a new party. sanctions In retaliation for the latest wave of attacks on civilian infrastructure in Ukraine, it plans to impose sanctions against Russia and about 200 people, including top military and political commanders, expanding restrictions on the financial sector and Russia’s exports.

In a message on social networks, the EU High Representative for Foreign Policy said, Joseph Borrell It announced its ninth package of sanctions to respond to Russia’s attacks on civilian infrastructure in Ukraine in recent weeks. Russian President Vladimir Putin said, “(Russian President Vladimir) Putin is escalating the war against Ukraine, he has already used hunger and food as a weapon of war, and now he wants to use the winter, leaving the Ukrainians in the dark and freezing them to death.” Head of European diplomacy, who criticizes “inhuman attacks” on Ukrainian infrastructure.

The proposal, criticized by the President of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen another video features the enlargement of the sanctions list to add nearly 200 individuals and organizations, including the Russian Armed Forces. Individuals include ministers, governors, heads of Russian political parties and Duma representatives.

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