Route 99: Explore 24 charming towns with fewer than 100 inhabitants in the Community of Valencia

Ruta 99 is an initiative born between the Valencia Agenda for Population Reduction (AVANT) and the Valencia Federation of Municipalities and Provinces (FVMP). natural and tourist resources and attractions between 24 municipalities with a population of less than 100 Valencian Community.

The route from Herbes to Famorca, 17 municipalities of Castellón, 3 in Valencia Y 4 from Alicante mainly concentrated in the regions of Els Ports, Maestrazgo, Alto Mijares, Alto Palancia, Rincón de Ademuz, Vall d’Albaida and Comtat.

Tourism against population decline

The aim of this initiative is mainly to map municipalities with less than 100 inhabitants; make visible the attractiveness and richness of the environment in potential tourist attractions such as gastronomy, heritage and different activities to enjoy in natural and unique environments.

Responsible and sustainable tourism that allows to revitalize the region creating new environmental and social opportunitiesto develop initiatives that allow us to work responsibly in the care and protection of our region.

Image of Herbes.

In addition, the attraction of new visitors allows for the economic development of the region, with local entrepreneurs, manufacturers and traders offering their products and services through tourism as a vehicle and engine of growth.

Route 99 on your mobile

Route 99 places special emphasis on the way it manages its event offerings, making respect and good work a priority; New technologies come together on this occasion to fulfill the goal of streamlining and facilitating tourism from sustainability.

therefore, virtual option to facilitate visits, Reducing inappropriate use of paper: virtual accreditation that speeds up visit registration.

The Ruta 99 website allows visitors to register to get to know each town, pass through the not-to-be-missed spots in each, and check-in virtually. Thus, all information, including options or recommendations and directions, to reach the municipality using the well-known GPS (global positioning system), which also allows us to save on our phones.

Tourism for all audiences

Responsible and sustainable tourism that allows to revitalize the region

this family tourism he is also a hero on Route 99; an option that supports the approach of the youngest to the region, as well as the opportunity to develop new and different activities. A pilot project was launched this summer in 4 municipalities on Route 99, which was combined into a proposal for the rest of the towns.

gyms tourist The streets running through the streets of Tollos, Sempere, Villores and Castell de Cabres are an attraction both for families in the Region and for those wishing to explore everything our municipalities with populations under 100 have to offer.

A fun game proposition where you only need a mobile phone. The device will be able to read the parts, solve riddles and discover the final mystery as you walk the streets knowing the history of each town from the inside.

Cyclists who are Route 99’s biggest fans

held at the beginning of November Cabres CastleI Matinal Motera a la Ruta 99, the least populated municipality in the Community of Valencia. An event that brings together more than 400 registered motorcycles and features a commemorative party and a Show of Manufacturers and Craftsmen from AVANT municipalities as its main dish.

Fuentes de Ayódar is a municipality belonging to the Alto Mijares region.

In order to expand the work of these producers who prefer to invest, and creating projects in towns at risk of depopulation, Show of Manufacturers and Craftsmen In 2023 it will be mobile across the Community, from which a manufacturer catalog will be prepared from AVANT and Route 99 municipalities.

Route 99 until 2023

2023 plans are starting with excitement. You can visit it in December and until the end of February 2023. City of Arts and Sciences, an exhibition of Route 99 municipalities. You will be able to see the photos and recommendations of the places you should visit and you will not miss it.

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