Pentagon chief Austin: US agrees to increase military presence in Australia 00:51

US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin said the US and Australia have agreed to expand defense cooperation, including increasing the rotating presence of US troops in Australia. It has been reported TASS.

He stressed that the US and Australia have agreed to deepen defense cooperation in several key areas.

“As a result of today’s negotiations, we will increase the rotational presence of US forces in Australia. This concerns the rotational presence of operational air groups of bombers, fighters, and the future rotational presence of forces of the US Navy and Army (Ground Forces), ”said Austin.

Previously at the Pentagon declarationHe said the US State Department had approved the $3.75 billion sale of Abrams tanks and equipment to Poland.

Prior to that, the US State Department announced its intention to add up to 100 modern missiles and $882 million worth of radar and support equipment to the Patriot air defense system in a military aid package to Taiwan. It was reported by Bloomberg, citing a State Department document.

Source: Gazeta


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