‘Smiley’: ‘boys meet up’ in a romantic comedy with a Christmas history

gender Romantic comedy with a Christmas background A classic in Anglo-Saxon culture that has already triumphed worldwide. An iconic example due to its nature and the fact that it was published on these dates for 20 years and continues to be addicted, ‘Actually love’, A choral film with tales of love, drama and humor. Now Netflix will have its own “actually love” (that is, as if it were a genre): “Smiley” is a series adapted from a TV show. Guillem Clua’s game, Its success exceeds our limits.

The playwright himself chose the two heroes, two gays A history of encounters and disagreements surrounds them with a universe that represents the diversity in the way they live the theme of love.some lesbians, old people, heterosexual couple…) and placed them wonderful (and so are the images) The city of Barcelona. Platform premieres eight episodes 7 this Wednesday.

new references

“Searching for love is such a powerful engine that it always makes works, movies and TV shows that talk about it very attractive. But what has changed is the form,” he explains. Guillem Clua, its creator. And although a fiction from the 20s of the 21st century reclaimed the narrative elements and all the clichés of the classic romantic comedy, it had to have other references.

“There were many in the ’90s, but it still needed to reclaim a contemporary reference, and that means incorporating the LGTBI movement,” he says. Carlos Cuevas (‘Merli’, ‘Merlí: sapere aude’), one of the heroes. “And look how simple it is: simply by replacing the boy and girl with two boys as heroes, a real revolution is produced,” he adds. “But above all, ‘Smiley’ tells very universal things” points to the other, Miki Esparbé (“Innocent”).

bias lock

The entanglement, which is very typical of the genre, begins in the first minute. Alex (Cuevas), a handsome waiter devoted to body cult and electronic music, and Bruno He meets (Esparbé), an architect who loves literature and cinema, through a voicemail left in the wrong mailbox. And they fall madly in love. Despite prejudices you feel towards each other They won’t make it easier. The only thing in common is that they both want more than a one night stand. They seek love. Although, of course, he was well seasoned with sex.

Still other stories revolving around this feeling are those of a lesbian couple. Vero (Meritxell Calvo, ‘Love is eternal’) Y Patri (Giannina Fruttero, “Emma”), even though it is difficult for them to know (or know) him, who is in crisis, and that of the transvestite he brought to life grandson of pepon (“Paco’s men”). “The wise reference, the one with the answers but also the lonely one,” Clua wants to pay homage to this figure with her. And to homosexuals who are invisible after 50.

Introduction to bilingualism

this mature love Alongside Álex’s mother and a friend from his youth are represented in the characters of Pepón Nieto, a heterosexual couple with children and the problems they interpret are not missing. Eduardo Lloveras (‘Privacy’) and Ruth Llopis (“One-eyed king”), in the Spanish version of the series naturally bilingualAs in the TV series ‘Intimacy’ with Basque– as they continue their conversation Catalan.

“It is very necessary to have a series like this. Reaching more than 190 countries, There is a plot in this language. because bilingualism Esparbé is a reality in the city of Barcelona for everyone who lives here,” he warns. Producer Minoria Absoluta asked him to shoot the movie. entirely in Catalanwould be the first Netflix series recorded in that language, but eventually bilingualism was chosen. In that language version, the Catalan dubbing was done by the actors themselves.

“Smiley”, correctly dosed 30 or 35 minute episodes It’s not just a gay love story for gays that invites you to watch it in one go, it’s not just about love and heartbreak. Esparbé is also interested in “friendship, ambition, projection … very universal themes”. A fiction born to fall in love.

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