“They’re having sex a little more and right there”: This is “First Dates” Google’worst reviews ever

picture of a couple "First Dates"

Image of a couple on “First Dates”

Televisions have thermometers. audience databut beyond that there are other ways to calibrate success, failure, or overall image each program has. Opinions and comments expressed by people social networks is a way, but it is Google reviews.

Although more related in the collective imagination restaurants, hotels and servicesalso television programs take them and some in quantity.

One of the most talked about “First Dates”. Want to know which are the worst critics received by the format? Cuatro television appointments? What do viewers complain about? Here is a compilation “best” worst reviews About the program offered Carlos Sobera:

  • “What was lost, someone who needs sex 16 hours a dayIf not, the boy is useless to him and he prefers to be alone. I think he’s had enough time to pee, poop, maybe eat something and air the entrances. Please moderators! What’s all this bad taste on a show that was originally supposed to be about finding love? Authentic program junk is getting worse and worse every day. And many Spaniards’with what he has done with the good image he has of him and the programs he presents, Sobera is a real shame”, pointed out 3 months ago Gerardo Costa Oliver.

  • I find it unbearable that they give an audience to a man named “. Mohammed 25 years old. How can they make such an offer? sexism In a western and free country like ours, does it adhere to the religion of Islam? Where are the feminists this time?” she asked herself a year ago. Pilar Martin Torres.

  • “It seems to me that they are going too far… The other day I saw a woman lying on the sofa in the private room and a child on top of her. A little more and they have sex there. I think it’s disrespectful How far they’ve come… I will never watch this show again. At that time, the children are still awake. Program disaster”, also complained a year ago Blanca Bunai.

  • “The raw and tasteless program when there are still children“, another user insists on the same criticism.

  • “Of course, television is on the decline every day… How is it that such a garbage program doesn’t come out? It’s so superficial that it doesn’t add anything positive to this youth who is disappearing day by day. absolute debauchery From there, anything will happen except that true love can come.” Maria Nancy Ramirez 7 months ago.

  • “Most of sticky and unimportant it can be seen on television. Fully expendable even as a program ‘fun'”, prisoner winner one year ago.

  • He emphasized five months ago, “It is the pure truth of people in this world that there is little emotion and quite cold in the communication of human relations.” Francisco Reyes del Coso.

there is also less “deep” commentslike this 2 months ago Enrique López’from:

  • “I don’t order cocktails matias with those long hairs he had because some of them would definitely fall into the glass”.

  • “Why is the decoration of the restaurant so shabby? Ikea’It’s very shabby with objects from a Chinese store and a Chinese store… A successful program that has been going on for years, why? very shabby decorationIt even looks shabby!

Many emphasize that the program looks very written:

  • “Each season more manipulated and bored“.

  • grotesque certain characters”.

  • “It’s a fake show“.

  • “Everything artificial and programmed”.

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