The Ukrainian expert believes that the country will face a fuel shortage due to the “ceiling price” 00:50

Sergey Kuyun, director of Ukrainian consulting group A-95, believes that Ukraine could face fuel shortages, including military equipment, due to the anticipated “ceiling price” for Russian oil. TASS with a link to the social networks of the specialist.

“What does it lead to, and what has it already caused? price increases and [росту стоимости] services for the transportation of fuel oil by sea and land. These indicators are already approaching the spring ones. But even those who are ready to throw and 100 [долларов]I can’t buy the product because it’s not there,” explained Kuyun.

He pointed out that in the next two or three months there will be a period of turbulence in the market and compliance with new sanctions – but Ukraine will be the first to feel the problems, as there is already a shortage of oil products in the market. .

Former German Foreign Minister Annalena Burbock statedHe expects India to support a cap on Russian crude oil supplies.

Source: Gazeta


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