Highest alert level in Indonesia after eruption of Semeru volcano

Indonesian authorities raised the risk alert to the highest level this Sunday around the Semeru volcano southeast of the island of Java. “increased volcanic activity” After the explosion recorded this morning, which caused the evacuation of about 100 people.

The measure is “explosive activity and Hot cloud avalanches on Mount Semeru The National Disaster Management Agency (BNPB) announced that heavy rain falling on Semeru increased the risk of gas clouds and water vapor or lava flow.

“With this increase in volcanic activity, Center for Volcanology and Geological Risk Mitigation (PVMBG) The agency has upgraded the status of Mount Semeru from ‘Warning’ to ‘Caution’ or from Tier III to Tier IV.”

BNPB reported the spread of Semeru, located in Indonesia’s Lumajang regency. gray ash column moderate to heavy intensity reaching 1.5 kilometers above the crater level at 2:46 am local time (GMT+7).

Earlier in the day, the Agency recorded significant ash-containing gases and water vapor seismic activity in the area of ​​”eight exploding earthquakes and one hot cloud earthquake.” “medium to thick strength.”

The situation worsened during the morning due to heavy rain in the area, which caused the ashes to begin to fall. Various districts of Lumajang population and mandated “the evacuation of 93 residents to evacuation areas located in safe zones.”

Videos distributed by BNPB can see a thick wall of smoke and ash advancing through some towns, as well as several towns connected to the mountain. damaged structures and people on the streets getting help from lifeguards.

However, so far, the authorities have not given any information on this issue. the extent of property damage or potential victims.

emergency teams Monitoring the situation from the ground, officials urged residents of the area southeast of the town of Besuk Kobokan, 13 kilometers from the summit of the mountain and the center of the volcanic eruption, not to carry out any activity.

Likewise, before the “war” they asked to stay away from the banks of the rivers.potential to be affected by expansion of hot clouds and lava flows up to 17 kilometers from the summit” and not to move within a radius of 5 kilometers from the crater due to the danger of the volcano spewing incandescent stones.

Indonesian officials said the Japan Meteorological Agency was monitoring the possibility of a tsunami after the volcano erupted, Japan’s public broadcaster NHK reported. They did not comment on the potential risk of giant waves.

The eruption of Semeru, 3,676 meters high and one of Indonesia’s most active volcanoes, sparked terror among residents of Lumajang town and many will leave their homes and flee in haste.as can be seen in various videos shared on social networks.

a year ago a unexpected explosion The eruption of the volcano killed more than 40 people and displaced about 5,000 people, while several dozen were injured by the burns.

Indonesia is based on the so-called pacific Ring of Fire, large area of ​​seismic activity with approximately 120 active volcanoes and shaken by thousands of tremors each year, most of them mild or moderate.

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