Fuel stations warn of chaos if the government doesn’t announce changes in 20 cents discount

this The government plans to end the generalized reduction of 20 cents per liter. gas It was activated on April 1 as a measure to combat the crisis. The indiscriminate discounts for all drivers expire on December 31, and the Manager has been working for weeks on formulas to apply the assistance only to protect professionals and vulnerable low-income groups.

this The government, in fact, plans to rush to make a decision by almost the end of the year. learn the evolution of fuel prices in the coming weeks and fine-tune forecasts for the coming year and identify the best formulas for applying the discount to only some drivers. However, the intention to wait as long as possible to make a decision is ringing alarm bells in the Spanish gas station industry.

Gas station companies are warning that they are unaware of the government’s plans, just a month before the current 20-cents-per-liter fuel discount ends. While the new year reveals how the changes in the discount will be expressed and how they should be applied, they fear that a new chaos will arise at the gas stations if the deadlines are rushed.

this Spanish Confederation of Service Station Employers (CEEES), Bringing together 4,000 gas stations from independent groups – more than a third of the 11,700 operating in Spain – “certainty and legal certainty” from the Government regarding the implementation of the fuel reduction from 1 January; and “open and transparent dialogue” to prepare the computer systems of the service stations and adapt them to the new scenario.

from Petroleum Operators Association (AOP), which brings together large oil companies It has also been confirmed that sectors such as Repsol, Cepsa, BP or Eni do not have any information about the Government’s plans other than the public statements of different Government ministers.

in advance and without urgency

“The administration’s decision to communicate and apply the discount on April 1 created utter chaos at most Spanish gas stations, which learned of the measure at 7:30 am on March 30, when it was posted on the BOE. From then on, they only had 40 hours to implement the necessary changes in computer systems,” CEEES criticizes, denouncing it. The extreme urgency they had to adapt to incur an unexpected cost of around 3,000 euros. for each service station

CEEES president George de Benito argues that employers of gas stations must be “clear, easily applicable and predictable, sufficiently pre-approved to adapt our systems and structures” to the new criteria applied to some driver discounts. . “70% of Spanish service stations are in the hands of SMEs who have already incurred high computer, financial and administrative costs due to the application of the discount and need legal certainty to operate with minimum normality”

tax break

Association of fuel stations managers, Tax cut is ‘best option’ to protect consumers from high fuel prices It is included in the fuel price, as is electricity or gas (both already with a 5% discounted VAT).

“While there are record levels of tax collection, the shortest way to minimize the impact of fuel prices on the economy is tax cuts,” says the Confederation. “It is necessary to continue helping families, but tax cuts will be the best alternative for everyone,” he said.

Having 45 days after the end of the current month to pay the sums subsidized by the gas stations, the Tax Office pays the current bonus of 20 cents per liter of fuel as an advance and is then refunded by the Tax Office.

“The businessmen of the sector have been doing the banking of the Administration for about eight months. From January onwards, if the Government wanted to limit the bonus to lower income citizens, it should have already explained to us how it plans to do so. It is financially impossible for the administration to ask us to be Treasury investigators as well as being their own bankers, no matter how collaborative we are”, underlines the head of CEEES.

More than 6,000 m2 cost

The government is aware that changes to the 20 cents per liter of fuel discount are under scrutiny to find a more efficient way to reach the sectors or groups that need it most, and also because of the enormous financial cost of applying generalized discounts. all drivers.

As agreed by the Executive in the Budget Plan, the very significant financial impact of the reduction for all drivers, individuals or professionals, particularly per liter of fuel consumed, will be €6.027 million, continuing until the end of this year alone. The next exercise was forwarded to the European Commission. The government argues that indiscriminate discounts to protect consumers and companies from rising fuel prices are the only way to get them implemented urgently last April.

Source: Informacion


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