Interior protects 241 women at high risk of experiencing sexist violence in the state of Alicante

A a total of 241 women vvictims of sexist violence located in the province of Alicante extreme risk situation to be attacked, 225 of these with dependent minors They said that they would be in danger according to the latest statistics of the Ministry of Interior, which was updated every month, which coincided with last October. Number of women at extreme risk at the beginning of the year 155Therefore, there has been a marked increase in the number of victims in need of police protection.

Between January and October, the number of active cases also increased, regardless of risk. about 500 numbers. The numbers constantly remind us that the struggle to eradicate this scourge is not over, and that there are still many women living through the hell of this abuse. The renewal of the Valencia Pact against Gender Violence was staged at the Casa del Mediterráneo in Alicante on Tuesday, while an office specializing in the care of victims opened in the courts of Benalúa this Wednesday.

system viogenThe algorithm of the Ministry of Interior, which manages the active monitoring of cases of gender-based violence, 4,473 cases so far this year in the province of Alicante, almost 500 more current to those existing at the beginning of 2022 (4,023). So the numbers don’t go down. So far this year, there have been two women killed by their partners in the state, a figure now below the figures reached in the past 2021 with up to four crimes. While not all cases are active, as there are records, Internal Affairs has registered 38,260 victims of gender-based violence in the state.

In half of the active cases, a total of 2,200, minors are responsible for the victims. Internal statistics, their In case of 455 specific vulnerabilities; There were cases where 44 were minors at extreme risk and 145 were at high risk, meaning that the Security Forces suspected attackers. may try to harm their victims through their childrenwhat to call indirect violence. The risk was medium in 157, low risk in 90, and the presence of danger could not be appreciated in seventy.

Two different criteria

The data is lower compared to the previous risk assessment protocols of the Ministry of Interior. Viogen continues to collect data based on both criteria. Total in the province 59 high-risk cases. This update was made as a result of errors identified in the risk assessment and currently the statistics include both criteria.

According to the above criteria, the age group with the highest number of victims out of a total of 59 high-risk cases recorded in the province of Alicante Ages 31 to 45 (27 women in total), 18-30 age group (17); While there were ten victims between the ages of 46 and 64; another three over 65; and finally the other two little teenagers. With 54 cases in Valencia and 14 in Castellón, this number of women at high risk is the highest in the Community.

in the total 4,474 active cases of gender violence in the state of Alicante734 more cases are considered moderate risk; 1,912 low risk; and another 1,770 for whom no risk was assessed in the assessment by the Security Forces. Ministry of Interior total 38,993 inactive cases in the state of Alicante. Due to certain circumstances, these cases are no longer the object of police surveillance as they are archived or the perpetrator is in jail, although they can be reactivated at any time.

Two killed in Benidorm and Alcoy this year

So far this year, two women have been killed in the state of Alicante. On September 25, in Benidorm, a man stabbed his wife to death and then committed suicide by throwing his car into a tow truck while leaving the scene. The couple in their 60s came from Zarautz (Guipuzcoa) and spent long periods of the year in the tourist town. About a month later, on October 23, another 29-year-old man in Alcoy killed his partner during an argument and then tried to end his life by throwing himself out of a window. JAM

Moroccan Marina at the event held at Casa Mediterráneo. Information

Sensitizing students to maltreatment

Students from the Cavanilles and Radio Exterior institutes in Alicante participated in a day at Casa Mediterráneo to raise awareness against sexist violence organized by the Sub-Committee of the Government. The title is “This is not love”.

According to the Subcommittee, which will hold a demonstration at the institution’s doorstep today to commemorate 25-N, this expert’s monologue on gender-based violence “penetrated very deep” among students.


Source: Informacion


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