5 years in prison for stabbing a screwdriver in the neck of a ‘homeless’ in Zaragoza

“I don’t even want to see it. I want to pay my fine and leave.” With these words, Mariano Herrera Cortés signed the agreement reached between his lawyer and the Prosecutor. fighting in Zaragosa and trying to kill a person homeless on the hook

The defendant was sitting on the tribune of the Third Division of the Zaragoza Court for attempting to burn two of his neighbors after drilling four holes into another man with a screwdriver and spraying liquid on his feet on July 30 last year. “I pierced him for disrespecting me”right on the day.

Now, Herrera has been sentenced to five years in prison for bodily harm and will have to pay six euros a day for one month for each of the two petty threatening offenses charged.. This is the result of an agreement between his lawyer, Montse Abad, and the prosecutor, who initially requested nine years and four months in prison.: Eight years for attempted murder and eight months for both threats. In addition, he had to pay the victim 3,470 euros in compensation for injuries caused by screwdriver perforation, including six-hole intestinal perforation, three-hole wounds and a longitudinal ecchymosis in the right back region. It’s a “life-threatening condition,” according to a medical report by forensic medicine, which took 81 days to recover.

However, the last link of the sentence also needs to be closed: the distance from the five-year suspension of Herrera. Since the aggressor and the victim live close to each other, National Police the person checking the distance to confirm at the end. At this point, the accused was about to break the agreement reached by the parties, showing deep concern about how closely he lived with the victim, according to him, living on the street. «About 200 meters, but still less. I don’t know,” he said. However, the state court reminded Herrera that the shanty house where he lived until his pre-trial detention on August 6 last year was boarded up.

Next to the Zaragoza Fire Department

Everything goes until July 30, 2021 at 20:00. Attacker and victim argue Near Zaragoza Fire DepartmentA discussion on Ramón y Cajal street that ended with Herrera leaving. Words weren’t the only hero of the argument, however, and the accused returned after finding himself a screwdriver, where he made four holes in his scapula, neck, arm, and abdomen. It was amazing without saying a word and without going after him.

After carrying out the attack, Ramón went to his house on Pignatelli street. At this time he shouted: “I pierced him for disrespecting me”. There, his wife was waiting for him, arguing with several neighbors who condemned her husband’s actions. This man, who covered his head yesterday so that his photo wouldn’t come out, didn’t like it so much that he sprayed liquid on his feet and tried to light it with a lighter. He did not succeed because his wife managed to push him home.

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