Alarm over a startling discovery in the Canary Islands: A santero kept a half-skeleton in the laundry room.

A startling find in the Canary Islands. to find half skeleton in a santeron’s house Tenerife and a judicial commission today closed public access to the San Sebastián de La Gomera municipal cemetery to exhume a body and to illuminate a crime against the deity of the deceased. Canary Islands Supreme Court of Justice (TSJC).

source of research led by Court of First Instance and Order No. 1 of San Sebastián de La Gomera inside complaint about alleged harassment It was completed on 19 October by a woman in position. Civil Guard in Arona (Tenerife).

The alleged victim of domestic violence, on the occasion of his statement, stated that his wife “had human skeletal remains,” as detailed in the proceedings, Stolen from a tomb in the San Sebastián de La Gomera cemetery”.

The accused was arrested the next day, on 20 October. On the same day, agents were found during a search of his home in Playa de las Américas (Arona), he describes the Court’s order authorizing the excavation, “human skeletal remains It consists of a skull, two femurs, two tibial plateaus, two humers, an ulna, two proximal tibia fragments, and a possible metatarsal fragment.

These remains, described by the order of the judicial authority, “supposedly formed. religious syncretism christian dress It is argued by the researcher that the Kimbisa administration of Santo Cristo del Buen Viaje was “understood as a heterodox branch of primitive Christianity, typical of the religious and cultural syncretism of the Cuban nation known as Palería”.

Transfer to La Gomera

In the decision, it is explained that after this finding, the court investigating the events in Arona avoided hearing the case in its favor in La Gomera. This body then commissioned a team from the Judicial Police and came to the courthouse. Cemetery of the capital of the island accompanied by the woman who reported the case. He pointed to a grave and said he saw his partner “manipulating him and putting something in his backpack.”

At that time, the researchers got in touch. daughter of the person buried in that tombHe confirmed that he had found “damaged, the tombstone half-open and fallen” during the summer months.

The judicial authority considers that the facts may constitute a case. crime against respect for the dead and was punished under Article 526 of the Penal Code for considering it appropriate to compare the genetic profile of the corpse lying in the unholy tomb with the bone remains found in the laundry room of his house. person under investigation

Although the judge emphasized that the fundamental rights of the defendant, his ideological freedom (in the religious mode) and the deceased’s right to honor, privacy and image, collide and emphasize Transactions with a deceased person, certain rights cannot be protected because of the termination of death itself, “what legal doctrine calls the preservation of past personality” possible to apply so that there is room “out there” for a definitive autopsy Non-inherited rights of the deceased to honor the deceased (his reputation, good name, reputation, and personal and social reputation) is beyond the time limit of its owner.

The judiciary also emphasizes that in order to determine how much the right to ideological freedom functions compared to the right to the past personality of the deceased, it is necessary to refer to the case-law of the court. Supreme Court. In particular, according to resolution 618/2008, freedom of thought and freedom of religion “cannot be used to commit crimes”.

In this context, the investigating judge considers the exhumation of the remains requested by the judicial police, which received a positive report from the Public Prosecutor, as appropriate, necessary and proportionate, and decides to close the municipal facilities forming the tomb. San Sebastián de la Gomera municipal cemetery until today is the day and diligence practice.


The coroner appointed to the court, in the presence of the lawyer of the president of the courthouse, examples of bone challenges found inside the tomb here supposedly flipped to compare with the genetic profiles of skeletal remains found in the home of the investigated person.

The alleged perpetrator is currently on parole and on bail for an alleged crime against the decedent’s respect, following his testimony in court.

Source: Informacion


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