on the PC, 12 games are distributed for free at the same time, which even go on the “calculator”. They are all saturated with the atmosphere of the 80s.

Launched a large-scale distribution of games for PC. For a limited time, gamers can get twelve projects at once. The promotion lasts until August 31 of this year on the itch.io site.

Freebie: 12 games are given away for free on PC in one go, even on the

These are the games currently being given away:

  • Shadow Wrangler is a puzzle platformer with lots of traps. In the game, gamers must help the shadows of the main character find their way out of the locations (free download);
  • ExpandoScape is another olskull puzzle game with traps. Players must control the blocks to pave the right path for the character (free download);
  • Ungrateful Birds is a platform game where you have to rescue all the birds and take them out of their cages (free download);
  • Dr. Creepinscare’s Pumpkin Patch Match, a match-3 puzzle game that requires players to interact with Halloween pumpkins (free download);
  • Koi Puncher MMXVIII is an unusual multiplayer game in which you have to catch koi carp (free download);
  • Liz & Laz: The Control Cubes is a platform game in which gamers must play as two characters at once – Liz and Laz (free download);
  • Temple of the Wumpus – a side-scrolling adventure about a pilgrim who goes to the Temple of Wumpus to find an ancient deity (free download);
  • Invasion Versus is a classic Arkanoid in which gamers must defend Earth from alien invaders (free download);
  • Monster Hug is an unusual side-scroller in which the main task is to find and hug five monsters, each of which has a unique function (free download);
  • Village Vampire Feast – a game in which gamers play the role of a vampire who travels through the village in search of profit (free download);
  • Orbital Paladin Melchior Y is a space game that combines elements of a visual novel and an old-fashioned shooter. There is a branching plot. The project is inspired by classic giant robot anime from the 70s and 80s, including Gundam, Gunbuster and Ideon (free download);
  • Fairy Penguin Parade is a game in which gamers have to help the penguins to get to the shelter (free download).

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Source: VG Times


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