A fan was able to decipher Stray’s fictional language and read in-game messages

User Josh Wirtanen was able to decipher and translate the alphabet of a fictional language in Stray. It turned out that it corresponds to the English alphabet. He spoke about this on the Half-Glass Gaming portal.

deciphered alphabetdeciphered alphabet

For the decoding, the gamer used the subtitles in the game, as well as the titles of the episodes. Additionally, some in-game lyrics were translated by the B-12 companion droid. In some cases the lyrics made no sense, in others they showed the world. For example, an image has a front page of a newspaper that reads “Droid News.”

Droid NewsDroid NewsDroid News

There were also other inscriptions, sometimes quite literally. For example, this bag simply says ‘Best bag’.

best bagbest bagbest bag

There are also rather cryptic inscriptions. For example, a photo of an unknown droid whose face is covered with a sticker has the caption “Wanted”.


At the same time, the author notes that some inscriptions contain errors. Apparently the authors weren’t too concerned about credibility.🔫 Criminal Enterprises update trailer for GTA Online

Source: VG Times


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