The research revealed the 10 most beautiful game characters. There’s only one girl at the top, and that’s not Lara Croft

The portal top10casinos conducted a survey to “scientifically” determine the most attractive video game characters. The results are as unusual as the idea itself: out of ten characters, only one girl made it into the rating.

The research was conducted as follows: The authors took the rating of Games Radar’s 50 most iconic game heroes and chose characters with human faces – for example, the top also featured Pyramid Head and the dragon Alduin. Their portraits found through a search engine were then analyzed by a special algorithm.

The algorithm studied the characters according to the principle of the “golden ratio”: it looked at the proportions and symmetry, the characteristic features of the face. It is worth noting that some heroines did not make it to the top, because for some reason the program did not recognize their appearance.

As a result, Captain Price of