Yuri Loza proved the earth is flat with examples and revealed the truth to fans

The famous Russian composer and singer Yuri Loza proved to all the netizens with several examples that the Earth is flat and surprised the fans with the truth.

On his YouTube channel, Yuri Loza released a new video explaining to viewers and his subscribers why the Earth is actually flat. The composer began his speech by stating that the public constantly reproached him that the arguments advanced in defense of the fact that the earth is flat were inadequate. According to Yuri, the most objective and elementary argument proving his point of view is the law of communicating vessels, according to which the levels of a homogeneous liquid in communicating vessels, counting from the point closest to the earth’s surface, are equal. In addition, Loza notes that in geodesy (the science that studies the shape, size, and gravitational field of the Earth), there are no corrections that indicate the Earth’s curvature.

The composer in his video said that “long-range shooting” is performed, assuming the laws of the flat Earth. Yuri Loza also says that planes fly and ships float on a “flat Earth map”. The singer browsed through textbooks and various reference books that state that the earth is round. According to Yuri Loza, for example, if you were to ask a teacher how exactly it was proved that the Earth is round, he would answer about various and lengthy studies. However, no one can answer exactly how these studies were conducted, because it’s impossible to scan the entire diameter of the Earth with a radius, Loza says. According to Yuri, it is impossible to illuminate the earth to understand how it works.

Yuri Loza also said in his video that there is no law of universal gravitation (in a tried and tested form), and therefore “rivers by definition cannot flow through a ball.” The composer says that if the law of universal gravitation existed, all bodies would be attracted to each other – large to small, small to large, etc. It is also worth noting that according to Yuri, the tides on the earth do not occur due to the gravitational pull of the moon, but because the earth itself moves (up and down).

Netizens reacted ambiguously to Yuri Loza’s new video. Some accepted his point of view, others fundamentally disagreed with the composer. At the same time, some commentators suggested that Yuri Loza could not say this seriously and just ridiculed the subscribers.

Source: Game Bomb


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