Scientists say video games improve children’s cognitive skills

Researchers from Karolinska University in Sweden have studied the relationship between time spent playing video games and American children’s cognitive abilities. It turned out that those children who “freeze” in games show the best results in intellectual tasks.

More than 9,000 boys and girls from the United States aged 9-10 years participated in the study. They were asked to perform a series of psychological tests. And it turned out that kids who spent time playing video games had a 2.5 point increase in intelligence quotient compared to the average.

According to scientists, children spent 2.5 hours a day watching videos, including TV, half an hour on social networking and an hour on video games. It was found that passive video display decreases cognitive skills, while video games increase it.

Note that the research was only conducted in the United States and not broken down by game genre, so it’s too early to draw conclusions.

Source: VG Times


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