New Red Dead Redemption 2 with new graphics leaked

Red Dead Redemption 2

famous game Red Dead Redemption 2developed by the company Rockstar Gamesmerged with new graphics and surprised gamers.

New information about the game Red Dead Redemption 2 with new graphics was shared by an insider under the nickname AccountNgt. One of the netizens asked if an updated version of Red Dead Redemption 2 will be released for the PS5 and Xbox Series S|X consoles. The insider replied that such a version of the RDR2 game is “coming”, but he has no clear answers about when exactly the developers will release it. It is worth noting that the user AccountNgt has not provided any other information about the game Red Dead Redemption 2 with new graphics for PS5 and Xbox Series S|X.

The AccountNgt insider is considered a reliable source of information. He was the one who first leaked the Star Wars Eclipse game (“Star Wars: Eclipse”) before it was officially announced. The insider is also responsible for other leaks that ultimately turned out to be true. Fans of the game Red Dead Redemption 2, in turn, expressed the hope that the new version will show even more advanced graphics, despite the fact that the western looks great anyway. At the same time, Rockstar Games itself has not announced an updated version of RDR 2.

Red Dead Redemption 2 was released on October 26, 2018 on PS4 and Xbox One. Then, a year later, the PC version was released. Red Dead Redemption 3 not yet announced.

Source: Game Bomb


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