The star of “Supernatural” became the new Marvel superhero on new frames

New footage has surfaced showing the Supernatural star as a new superhero Miraclewhich surprised the fans.

Actor Jensen Ackles, best known for his role as Dean Winchester from the TV series Supernatural, appeared as a Marvel superhero in new images. Ackles appeared as Cyclops (Scott Summers) of the X-Men. The actor was given a matching superhero costume and special goggles that Cyclops wore to control the power beams emanating from his eyes. It’s worth noting that the X-Men haven’t appeared in the MCU yet, but it’s believed that this team will appear in the Marvel movies in the near future.

The featured shot of Jensen Ackles as Cyclops from the X-Men is fan art. They were shared by the artist under the nickname 21XFOUR. Netizens, in turn, appreciated the artist’s choice. Fans commented that Jensen Ackles would have made a great Scott Summers aka Cyclops. It’s worth noting that mutants are already appearing in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but the X-Men team hasn’t arrived yet. Wolverine, played by Hugh Jackman, will be returning to the MCU soon, and other X-Men heroes may follow suit.

Jensen Ackles, in addition to the Supernatural series, starred in many other projects. The most famous are: “Secrets of Smallville”, “Dark Angel”, “Boys” and others.

Source: Game Bomb


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