The clearest participant in ‘First Dates’: “I don’t care if a man is small or affectionate”

Having very clear ideas is one of the things that characterizes many ‘First Date’ guests. This is the case of Eileen, a 41-year-old chiropractor from Madrid, who entered the restaurant with a clear self-description: “I’m brave, I’m a warrior and I’m very progressive in everything. I’ve been more demanding than men lately. Even though I’m great at 41, I already have some experience…”.

At the bar, the chiropractor surprised Carlos Sobera when he mentioned the type of person he wanted to find on his visit: “I came to the show looking for a man who made me shiver from the first minute. If there’s one thing I don’t like, it’s that it’s small.”.

“Define me, little girl,” Carlos Sobera asked. “from 20 (centimeters)‘, Eileen replied. ‘If you don’t mind, Matías, I have to go to the psychologist now. I’ll be back in a while…”, said the presenter Matías Roure after hearing these words.

Later, Eileen explained in more detail why she had set this dire condition: “I have to be frank, I don’t care if he’s kind, gentle, smart or kind.. No, I want to enjoy the remaining years. I like how big they are.”

After this presentation, Eileen knew she would meet David, a 46-year-old osteopath and acupuncturist from Madrid.It’s easy to find people who want to fuck, hard to find love, but possible”.

“I don’t like having hair anywhere, but on their heads,” Eileen reassured when she saw David and got the first impression of him: “I would have preferred a shorter, slimmer, more athletic woman. childless (Eileen has two children).”

After settling down at the table reserved for them by the ‘First Dates’ restaurant, the truth is that they both took advantage of this night to get to know each other a little better. In fact, Eileen wasn’t afraid to tell David her opinion of herself: ““To me, he looks gay from the start, for me he likes boys more than girls”.

“I’m straight because I confirmed it, I wanted to confirm how my hormones were responding 20 years or so later”David responded to Eileen, who didn’t stop with the fetish theme: “his being small“.

In the last minutes of the evening, the disharmony was decisive in the ‘Final decision’, because neither of them wanted to go on a second date with the other outside the restaurant on ‘First Dates’.. “I got the feeling that you like men more,” Eileen told David before leaving.

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