Orestes and Rafa having one of the worst afternoons in ‘Pasapalabra’: ‘What a stupid mistake’

audiencesPasswordI witnessed an unusual Rosco this Thursday afternoon. Again Rafa Brown Y orestes barber they usually keep the program’s followers tense until the very end, they didn’t have their best afternoon at the Antena 3 competition this Thursday.

The two duelists accumulated failures in the first round, which was unusual for them. Orestes was the first to add a red letter after failing at L. “What a fool I was!”exclaimed the Burgos man, who later also incorrectly answered Roberto Leal’s question with X.

Rafa, on the other hand, stopped favoring the 1.6m euro pot in the letter I, as he replied “nonsense” instead of “nonsense”. An error he was bound to fix instantly: “What a stupid mistake”.

His next stumble came when he made a mistake in the letters G and M in the second round. From that moment he decided to take the risk and failed in the other two letters. finishing the yarn with 20 strokes and 5 misses. When Sevillian was sentenced to the blue chair, Orestes declared himself the winner of the duel.

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