Newlyweds travel the world selling nude photos

A couple from Europe who got married last year embarked on a post-wedding journey that was scheduled to last ten years. The publication said that the newlyweds will earn money to travel the world by selling candid shots. New York Post.

Silke Mus, 31, from Belgium, and Kieran Shannon, 29, from Scotland, met in Spain in 2019. They celebrated their wedding in Scotland in 2021 and immediately set off on a road trip.

They have already been to Iceland, Spain, Portugal, spent three months in Sri Lanka, where they went to India, Nepal and Thailand.

Young people, who are dancers by profession, live on 8 dollars a day by staying in the cheapest hostels. Their monthly income is $400, which comes from selling candid shots on Patreon, where they set up an account called Freaky Friday.

“We came up with the idea for Freaky Friday because we want to spread the message of body positivity and we both feel comfortable being naked,” Kieran Shannon told The New York Post.

He admitted that he thought the lifestyle he and his wife were leading was great, but expressed doubt that it would suit everyone.

Previously reportedAn American tourist was fined for eating ice cream at a fountain in Rome.

Source: Gazeta


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