The son of an Italian selling wine with portraits of Hitler will stop production of this line.

Italian winemaker Vini Lunarelli, who produces wine with portraits of Hitler, Mussolini and other dictators, is retiring and his son will quit producing the controversial collection. The broadcast told assistant.

The line of portraits of Hitler and Nazi slogans was started by Lunarelli in 1995 – it has become a “historic” collection where the winemaker produces wine with Mussolini, Franco, Stalin and Churchill on their labels.

The winemaker’s son, Andrea Lunarelli, told Vice that his father had retired in early 2023 and the historic line would no longer be produced. The man admitted that the wine did not like him. He said he was tired of the scandals about Hitler’s images, but that his father was “definitely not a Nazi”.

According to Lunardelli Jr., the wine is made for collectors who want to “remember” history.

“Whoever buys [вино с Гитлером]these are collectors, history buffs, or those who want to oppose nationalism to the current politics of multinationality, but not Jews,” said Andrea Lunardelli.

He explained that the collection, which includes pictures of Hitler and other Nazi leaders on its label, is in demand among tourists from Germany.

“Unfortunately, the most sought-after bottles are bought by Hitler, especially from the Germans, but also by many English, Scandinavian, French and Russian. But not Italians,” Andrea Lunarelli assured.

In defense of his father, he added that the release of wine with portraits of Adolf Hitler as a rookie could be called a “funny joke”.

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Source: Gazeta


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