Jordan Peele: Ace of terror as a social mirror

There are unforeseen artistic careers. Jordan Peele’s (New York, 1979) is one of them. He triumphed as a comedian with the Comedy Central series ‘Key and Peele’, which he co-created with Keegan-Michael Key between 2012 and 2015. In 2017, he won the best screenplay Oscar for his first film ‘Let me out’ as a director. Today he is considered one of the most important filmmakers of African-American descent. It’s in line with what Spike Lee represented thirty years ago.

No wonder Peele shot Lee’s self-reintroducing film ‘Breaker of the KKKlan’ (2018). If Lee captained the New Black Cinema of the ’80s, Peele becomes producer of Black Lives Matter. The two generations of black filmmakers were united by a similar political and cultural idea, although they used different genres and recordings.

Because Peele built his reputation on fantasy and horror stories. None of this was discernible in his work as an actor. She has appeared in ‘white’ comedies like ‘They’re the parents now’ and an episode of the ‘sitcom’ ‘Modern family’. He was a recurring character in the final season of ‘Fargo’ and voiced Bunny, the blue stuffed rabbit in ‘Toy Story 4. This Pixar film is from 2019, so Peele had made a name for himself in a very different cinema until then: 2019 is his second feature film. One of the most disturbing images of contemporary fantasy, ‘Nosotros’, a tale of unfoldingLupita Nyong’o and her family discover four silhouettes holding hands, very similar to themselves, in front of their summer house.

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Previously, on “Let Me Out,” Peele was featured in Hollywood’s “Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner?” As in Sidney Poitier’s 1968 film where his white girlfriend’s family (Spencer Tracy and Katharine Hepburn) is invited to dinner at her home, the protagonist of “Leave Me” (Daniel Kaluuya, “No! similar dinner, but the result is very different: a frenzied plunge into the horrors of racism.

Peele proves it once again Horror movies are great for analyzing from the distance provided by the genre, political and social contexts. Director Nia DaCosta, who also serves as a screenwriter, was going to do something similar when producing the 2021 remake of ‘Candyman’: The story of the killer returning to be called five times in front of the mirror served their conversation about gentrification. A recurring theme in the Peele-produced series ‘The Last Original Gangster’ (2022), about a prisoner who is released from prison and returns to a noble Brooklyn.

Television became Peele’s other battleground. He accepted an invitation to produce a modern day version of the legendary ‘The Twilight Zone’ (2019-2020) and co-produced with JJ Abrams ‘Lovecraft Territory’ (2020). Turning the fantasies of a racist like HP Lovecraft into more poignant realities. The second series is much better than the first.

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