The video showed what the first Resident Evil could look like if it were released in 2022

A video of a fan remake of the first appeared on the network Resident Evil, which was made from scratch on the Unreal Engine 5. The video showed a fully updated Jill Valentine, the famous mansion and zombies.

The project, called Biohazard RE1 Classic Edition, will stay true to the original and keep a fixed camera, so fans of the classic parts of the series will certainly be interested. Details, including a release date, have not been disclosed. It probably won’t be released until 2023. Don’t rule out Capcom’s ability to force the authors to cancel the project.

Recently, the model who gave the appearance of Lady Dimitrescu in Resident Evil Village, published a candid photo showing her chest lit up.🥺 Enthusiast transferred the world of “Lord of the Rings” to Unreal Engine 5

Source: VG Times


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