New documentary series about Princess Diana’s death

Discovery+ has produced a new documentary series about Princess Diana’s death, Diana Inquiry: Death in Paris. These release reports Independent.

The series will consist of only four episodes. The creators will try to turn the tide and give an assessment of the investigation into Princess Diana’s death. The project will focus on two official investigations into his death. One was in 1997, immediately after the accident, and the second in 2004, when the Paris police independently began investigating the circumstances of the accident.

For decades, Princess Diana’s death continued to be surrounded by conspiracy theories.

The frame will feature interviews with detectives from both parts, some of whom will speak publicly for the first time. The series was directed by Will Jessop and Barnaby Pell at Sandpaper Films, which also produced Diana 7 Days about a week after her death.

Princess Diana was 36 when she died in a car accident in Paris on August 31, 1997.

Formerly knowledgeableThat Princess Diana’s favorite car will go under the hammer at auction.

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