Perfume brand Jo Malone launches a fragrance line for hotels

British perfume brand Jo Malone has announced a special fragrance line for hotels. writes about him Trip.

The Jo Loves Hotel Collection will include a range of body and hair care products. The hotel supplies supplier will be represented by Vanity Group. The collection consists of four scents with sound notes of citrus, black pepper, suede, coriander seed and cedar wood.

All fragrances are inspired by the travels of the brand’s founder and perfumer Jo Malone.

“My two great loves in life are fragrances and travel. The storytelling possibilities are endless and life-changing for me. I am very pleased to cooperate with Vanity Group. I love new adventures and work. They always take us on a journey and spark our imaginations.”

Jo Loves hotel collection includes shampoos, conditioners, bath and shower gels, body and hand lotions and hand wash products. All products are presented in environmentally friendly packaging.

Formerly knowledgeableThat Gucci is putting out scented candles with moss and old scents.

Source: Gazeta


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