The misfortune of a TVE reporter who suffered three live blows: “This is what happens to me because I ask”

A correspondent Had a disturbing moment during the live link from ‘La hora de La 1’ It made the audience laugh. The journalist was asking passersby about the temperature, but did not receive a single answer.

“It’s really hot, isn’t it? Looking for shade?”‘ he asked a man passing by. “There’s very little shadow here. I came to see this, the bullshit they’re doing, and I’m sorry for the word because it’s a pig to me. I came to see it because it was inaugurated two or three days ago,” the man replied, avoiding the question.

“This happens to me because I ask. Thank you very much, good. How do you deal with the heat?” He asked the two ladies passing by, but he didn’t get the answer he expected.

The first gave him a long time and never said better: “I’m infected so stay away a bit”. “Nothing, nothing,” replied the reporter, taking a few steps back as he tried to approach the other lady: “It’s hitting a bit of a fan, isn’t it?”.

But this time the game didn’t go well either: “I’m not from here”, the lady replied very seriously. The journalist hastily tried to find people to give them their opinion: “Well, I’ll keep trying… you’re laughing on the set!”.

Source: Informacion


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