Natalia Oreiro, new Evita: “Women with power are still afraid of them”

seventy years later death Eva Peron, Disney+ ‘ recreates the strange and terrifying story of her body being abducted.avoid the saints‘. She stars in the Argentine blockbuster, which was shot in more than 40 locations and plays with 120 actors and 1,300 extras. Natalia Oreiroin the former first lady’s first; Ernesto Alterio and Francesc Orella.

Natalia plays the big icon of Argentina but despite living there for years you are Uruguayan.

Natalia Oreiro: My country is Uruguay and my adopted homeland is Argentina. A nice thank you that this wasn’t a bias for them to choose me.

Was it a lot of pressure to play a legend like him?

Natalia Oreiro: It was a big challenge because she is Argentina’s biggest political symbol. Although later on there are people who do not like him very much, he is very much appreciated. Much has been written about it, masterfully executed, and now it’s my turn. The series is based on a ‘best seller’ and although it touches on different moments in Eva’s life, such as her childhood, youth as an actress, her relationship with Perón and her short but intense political life, the main thing is to tour that corpse without a grave. Some men’s obsession with a strong woman who, even though she’s dead, still has that tremendous power magnetism.

The story of the abduction of the body is incredible, like it was taken from a movie.

Natalia Oreiro: Tremendous. It is the story of some men who could not dominate a strong woman in their short life, trying to protect their body like a trophy. I think there’s a very contemporary mix of fears that women in power are still being held there, too.

What was the biggest challenge in interpreting this?

Natalia Oreiro: If interpreting an existing one is already complicated, adding that we are talking about a myth, it is a double challenge. In any case, although I have worked very meticulously on all the audio-visual material that I have and that the Evita Museum has provided me, I am making an interpretation, not an imitation, of it. I felt a lot of empathy with those who loved him when they chose me.

Why? Why?

Natalia Oreiro: I was very happy that those who loved her chose me. Maybe it has to do with the fact that I’m popular, that I came to Argentina as a kid, that my origins are humble and that even though I don’t want to resemble their histories at all, there is something about our origins that might be similar.

Ernesto Alterio: “Koening felt the strange curse of the corpse”

The series also features other real-life characters, such as Ernesto Alterio and Francesc Orella, two men obsessed with and fighting for the former first lady’s body. In the Alterio example, would you describe him as the villain in the show?

Ernesto Alterio: Generally speaking, it does this function somewhat. What happens is that he is a very complex character.

This is Argentine soldier Carlos Moori Koening. Give details about it.

Ernesto Alterio: A very good elite military man of German origin whom Perón called to help him in all matters related to the female suffrage, to become his assistant and head of security. And there a strange attraction towards him begins to take shape.

It continues even after his death.

Ernesto Alterio: Yes, when he dies, the soldiers who have seized power call him again to look at the corpse. So the character is so interesting because, starting from someone where order and control is something fundamental, all this starts to fall apart because something starts happening to him that he can’t control, something to do with fascination, crushing. and even with a strange curse starting to feel around his corpse. Eventually he becomes drunk, crazy, completely psychotic. That’s why he’s such a rich and interesting character.

Francesc, on the other hand, is the Spanish doctor who embalmed Eva’s body and who would eventually admire her figure. He plays Ara.

Francesc Orella: Not Eva’s doctor, but the anatomist Perón commissioned to embalm the body. Fascinated not only by his desire for perfection, but also by the legend of Eve, the woman, and the politician he was, he became obsessed with the job. This was the professional struggle of his life. His goal was to somehow leave him alive so that the Argentine people could say goodbye to him. Also, after the coup, he practically became the body’s guardian due to the threat of kidnapping and desecration, something that eventually happened. So he was also a very intense character, a challenge and a joy to play.

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