Makeup artist Kate O’Neil Talbert explains how not to apply foundation

Blogger and makeup artist Kate O’Neill Talbert talked about the most common makeup mistakes – applying foundation with a brush. This has been reported Sun.

“I beg you, stop rubbing your face and smearing foundation. Practice better applying the product as I do and you will be amazed at the difference,” he said.

A makeup artist discovered that most people make the same mistake when applying foundation. She showed how to create the percent correct tone in her video on tiktok.

In the video, Kate O’Neill Talbert took a brush and applied foundation to her face. After practice, he advised not to follow this method and forget it forever.

Then his tone showed the correct version of the app. The makeup artist took the product with clean fingers and applied it to the face with soft patting motions. The effect was radically different. In the second case, the tone was absorbed faster and made the pores invisible.

Formerly a blogger from the USA recommendation Do not wash more than once in 10 days.

Source: Gazeta


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